NetFin Asset Finance

NetFin Asset Finance (Pty) Ltd (NetFin) is the only fully fledged Namibian asset-based finance company, which focuses on the corporate rental market with a wide spectrum of products and services. NetFin not only focuses on the conventional rental products but also tries to be innovative by developing products to the specific needs of financiers, suppliers and clients. The focus is not only on supplier relations but also on the targeting of customers and end-users directly.

We provide customers with a competitive edge in the following areas:

  • Quick Business plan / feasibility study solutions
  • Quick Cash flow solutions
  • The acquisition and refinancing of assets
  • To improve financial ratio’s
  • By allowing for the better management of projects
  • By allowing for the better management of assets
  • By raising cash or improving their cash flow positions
  • To prevent asset obsolescence

Client Advantages

  • Proven Credit obtaining track record
  • High level of professionalism
  • Assistance to clients on tax implications
  • Assistance on the writing of Business Plans
  • Quick roll-out of Suppliers products
  • One stop service to customers
    • Purchase equipment through supplier
    • Finances equipment through supplier
    • After sales service/maintenance through supplier

 Bank Advantages

  • Business Plans produced by NetFin make approvals easier for the Bank
  • NetFin will assist with a Management program for clients to ensure the effective roll-out of the financed projects
  • High level of professionalism
  • NetFin have extensive finance and corporate  knowledge
  • Supplier agreements assuring service levels by pre-approved Suppliers

What we Finance

What we Finance